of energy. 3, ferocious beasts

  • mood, dark color, is often used to vent painting heart indignation and discontent, also easy to let the viewer feel heavy, long face, will make people depressed, pessimistic the lack of energy. 3, ferocious beasts, demons and ghosts are not in general Home Furnishing decorative painting ferocious beasts, demons and ghosts painting, easily daunting, even bad associations, nightmares, the rest is not good, the owner of fortune, especially for health, will produce adverse effect. In particular, there are children at home,

    but also pay attention to this problem. Three, and most people the best to avoid the host animal zodiac substandard problem of people's fortunes made a great influence in some extent. So in the Home Furnishing decorative painting, we should try to pay attention to this problem, which may affect the owner of all aspects of fortune. The so-called Zodiac substandard, mainly refers to the phase of the zodiac, such as phase, such as six Chong, the three penalty, etc.. Six refers to the five line between the six of the

    zodiac at g, as follows: Wu Ma offspring at ox sheep at tiger monkey rabbit chicken at conflict, Chen Long Xu dog, pig red snake. Phase refers to the difference between the different aspects of the law of the zodiac, the general view, the intensity of the punishment to be greater than some of the damage. If you just rushed to quarrel, the punishment is to fight. There are several forms of punishment, there are three penalties, there are self punishment. Mouse and rabbit is punishment, rude punishment; tiger,

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