of the parquet flooring is determined

  • which greatly reduces our resource consumption The China is a labor-intensive industry in a country, China has a large population, there is a wealth of labor resources, Europe is not, and most of the parquet flooring is determined by human resources, because it can be so solid wood flooring no high-tech, we just To do these foreigners difficult to achieve,

    difficult to achieve things, solid wood compound in China is very development in foreign countries are also very development, Europe and the United States also face the problem of shortage of wood, our own consumption of wood relative to the category is still very low, If the use of pure wood to do parquet, consumption is very large,

    we will not advocate. And the solid wood flooring, it brought the decorative, compared with the solid wood is nothing to improve, still a surface of the wood, and the quality of life in the gradual improvement of the Chinese people's choice to a dilemma, we are dead The original low-end products, or that would rather cut down wood,

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