environmental pressure

  • Microwave thermal technology, environmental pressure for the transformation of ceramic enterprises to provide a new direction Recently, the newspaper continued to pay close attention to the building Can I Used Circular Saw to Cut Composite Board to Length ceramics and sanitary ware products and the relationship between the haze weather, but also to explore the development trend of environmental protection policy, concerned about the newspaper friends, should have learned that the haze of particulate matter Among them, the ceramic tiles PVC Garden Fence Kit and sanitary products production line is to blame.

    then, facing the increasingly tightening of environmental protection policies, ceramic tiles and sanitary enterprises, where the transformation of environmental Boat Dock Plastic Decking protection and where? The reporter once learned that, in addition to coal For the combustion of gas and other clean energy, to explore the use of microwave drying technology in the product line.

    So, what, microwave thermal technology is a kind of technology, the technology Best Cheap Decking Alternative can become the environmental policy under the pressure of ceramic enterprises in the future direction of transformation? Microwave thermal technology belongs to high quality and efficient advanced energy saving technology It is understood that Outdoor Waterproof Floor - Shanghai Seven Trust the microwave heat Technology is a very advanced international heating technology, especially microwave energy technology, in the international are the latest technology.