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  • stirring, broken, so the general Juicer can also be used for meat and crushed pepper, and crushing all kinds of functional foods. The soybean milk machine generally only have the role of soybean milk. A relatively simple function. The above is a small series to introduce the difference between the juicer and soybean milk machine, hoping to help you. For more information about the difference and Soybean Milk Juicer machine, please continue to pay attention.Feng Shui restaurant murals pay attention to Feng Shui can

    not be ignored, in the restaurant decoration, murals selection will also affect our emotional eating, this paper will introduce small restaurant murals and auspicious feng shui restaurant, from the perspective of Feng Shui to create a different kind of eating exotic. A restaurant, restaurant, pay attention to Feng Shui 1 mural mural material selection pattern to Geely in the choice of hand-painted mural material, according to the general to reflect the auspicious, auspicious, ancient traditions and the Chinese are inseparable.

    Generally you can choose fresh and elegant and meaning harmony pattern as the hand-painted murals of the material, such as lotus, beauty, bamboo and other Chinese style, or western painting with European realism is also possible, as long as the auspicious meaning can be regarded as mural material. Size 2, frame size and Restaurant Restaurant mural proportion general murals are relatively large, and the average family restaurant are not a particularly large, so we choose to use as decorative hand-painted murals

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