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  • Anxin floor in recent years,[url=]corian type cladding canada[/url] frequent investment. In 2004, in order to cope with the tightening of global supply of resources, as well as the development of overseas markets, Shun has opened two factories in Brazil, and open domestic enterprises to buy virgin forest, two times to buy Brazil 1000 square kilometers of virgin forest The In 2005,exterior wood wall covering Anxin acquired the forest resources of the Hong Kong timber processing plant and the factory name of Suifenhe for 40 million yuan and invested 100 million yuan for working capital to replicate its successful experience in acquiring the Brazilian forest to the Russian Far East forest.

    In March this year, Accor accumulated a total investment of 100 million yuan to build the international standard of modern solid wood composite plant officially opened its annual output will reach more than 200 million square meters.[url=]timber tech technique production deck composite[/url] And Shun on the road to enter the international market has taken a substantial step, after more than three years of preparation, Shun recently passed the World Forest Management Committee production and marketing chain system certificate, opened its door to the European market. composite wood terrace decksLu Weiguang told the Shanghai Oriental Morning Post reporter, the original brand Anxin floor in the domestic solid wood flooring area occupies 10% market share,

    he hoped that yesterday's new brand --- Weiguang floor can be divided into 5% to 10% Market share, in three years the company can occupy 25% to 30% of the domestic market share. Analysis of the industry, the use of Carlyle investment,[url=]cheap ways to cover wood flooring[/url] Shun will accelerate its expansion of resources in foreign countries. In the recently held the 6th China International Ground Materials and Pavement Technology Exhibition, a fresh name squeezed into the industry line of sight: Kalmar floor. This is the product from the Kalmar Flooring (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in Denmark. According to reports, as a newly established joint venture, Kalmar Flooring (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.composite deck manufactures foreign investors ----- Kalmar International Group was founded in 1993, in the furniture,