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  • products. In 2002, Carpoly pioneered the development of non-toxic curing agent, curing agent zero non-toxic end of the domestic production history, in 2004 launched the first children's children paint paint products, driven by domestic market, has become synonymous with the children paint products. Carpoly paint how Carpoly paint series products including interior wall paint, exterior wall paint, wood decoration, furniture paint, industrial paint and other products, the product has won a number of national and

    provincial scientific and technological achievements and products across the board through the China environmental certification mark. With advanced technology, Carpoly took the lead in the domestic development of BB bar for children paint series, become the only one to provide a full range of children's environmental protection special paint coatings business in the domestic market, children paint status can not shake. Carpoly home wood products are high-quality imported raw materials, all products through the

    national 3C certification, over the years by virtue of its stable quality and excellent effect of film by consumers. Carpoly's highly effective anti-corrosion products have also been used in a large number of chemical plants, power plants and other needs clean, beautiful, wear-resistant and corrosion resistant sites, with good resistance to dirt and scratch resistance. Carpoly paint price of 1 Carpoly million series should be net flavor mildew multifunctional interior wall paint odor Series 2 Carpoly 428 yuan 328 yuan 3

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