the sound that rises

  • October portion, the sound that rises in price in boiling annatto on the market. The annatto market of depressing a long time is defeated by charge to rise in sea land transportation, synthetic decking for pontoon boat of the message such as congress of signatory of the 17th CITES churn under, present the picture that gives one clique to anabiosis, especially hedgehog rosewood and big fruit rosewood, the market rises sign is most clear.

    According to lumber kingdom the reporter surveys knowledge, with go up comparing of phase of the moon, at present value of hedgehog rosewood market has 300 yuan at least / ton rise, and big fruit rosewood also has 2000 yuan / or so tons rise, although go up situation expect without people so swift and fierce, chain link fence cost per linear foot but the enlarge of market sales volume also is carried greatly however brace up management confidence of the businessman, market mood is broken from this depressing.

    Take the price that raise, the sales volume of enlarge, all without exception inside course of study is filled with exultation, what because rise in price,be being enjoyed and bring is happy. However blatant afterwards, be worth a person more thoughtful is, how should go next? Someone says, should restore in that way mad 2013 had been impossible, especially below the environment of current domestic trouble and foreign invasion; Also someone says, composite floor tile installation the tide since tide falls, after the course is adjusted for years, annatto market will borrow machine greet rebound chance, the market is picture of a prosperity.