Mechanized Maintenance of Expressway Asphalt Pavement

  • China's highway since the 20th century began construction in the 1980s, from scratch, has been rapid development. The so-called expressway, which is the highest road grade road form, is also a typical high-grade road. Although the road surface in a variety of forms, but based on the asphalt pavement with easy construction, rapid opening of traffic, driving comfort, smoothness and construction costs are low, easy maintenance works and other characteristics, so our current high-grade pavement asphalt pavement The Asphalt pavement in the long-term use of the process, due to the repeated role of the vehicle and the impact of the climate for many years, there will be a variety of damage. At the same time, due to some areas (such as Shanxi, Inner Mongolia) and other coal transport areas difficult to avoid overloading of vehicles and some road construction quality is not satisfactory, difficult to meet the design requirements and other reasons, faster road disease. For the above reasons, high-grade asphalt pavement of various diseases, such as pits, bags and loose as the representative of the damage will continue to emerge. If not timely repair recovery, high-grade highway pavement service quality will be greatly reduced. At the same time, small local damage will be extended due to the extension of time, and even affect the grassroots level, and thus greatly enhance the difficulty of road repair works and costs. road tarring equipments angle steel closing machine suppliers china seal coating spray system equipment full steel frame road cutting machine