the reporter understands

  • The near future, the reporter understands when visitting floor bazaar, a kind of real wood floor that the name is jade the pride of China appears to grow considerably below the fiberglass house boat walls circumstance that this year floor price glides generally somewhat. And, although rise in price swift and violent, the market still is in the condition that demand exceeds supply. This jade the pride of China is why to be planted after all lumber, why can be off-season in be like this beautiful beautiful prices. For one dug unexpectedly, lumber kingdom reporter interviewed relevant businessman.

    The sort of green wingceltis on market of our country lumber " green wingceltis " what lumber be? In the mouth that mies wife with course of study on the network, some weighing buy pvc decking belfast that its are more sore wood, also have person its are Wei Lamu. Main argument is the following 2 belong to 4 kinds: 1. Wei Lamu belongs to Bulnesia Spp;

    A Chinese formal name: composite decking non slip coating Sa rice Wei Lamu; English formal name: Palo Santo, lignumVitae; Latin formal name: Bulnesia Sarmientoi; Alias (common says) : Jade the pride of China, green wingceltis, green the pride of China, fall sweet green wingceltis. Producing area: Basically distributing careless place takes the Brazil at South-American south, Paraguay and the Dachake wooden pergola suppliers in uae between Argentina. Gas does density: Be more than 1g/cm3 .