relatively overlapping consumer groups

  • The alliance has three points: First, in the home eight large consumer areas, each field only select a brand to join the Union; Second, the selected brand in their areas are in the forefront of the position, a huge brand influence ; Third, the selected brands are similar to each other between the market positioning,

    there is a relatively overlapping consumer groups. According to the "home eight pieces of brand alliance," the first chairman of the board, Wang Li floor, president of the floor, the Union's three major characteristics of the alliance can determine the maximum marketing interaction and quality assurance, integration advantages of resources,

    between each other There is no direct competition under the premise of the joint attack, the "home eight pieces" to create a convention concept, on the one hand to further enhance the alliance members of the brand awareness and influence, on the other hand through the joint none other way, to Consumption to provide affordable prices and quality service.

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