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  • enterprises in order to improve their own market value, will be valuable wood and craftsmen skilled carving skills combined to produce several sets of town treasures, marked hundreds of thousands of astronomical, and guide consumers to judge the value. In contrast, MDF, plywood and other man-made sheet of the sense of value is significantly lower, this value determines the wood-plastic furniture is difficult to squeeze into a larger profit margins in the furniture market. No big profits, new materials are difficult to enter the market.

    Now the wood-plastic wall panels products are very popular with the public, the following will be wood manufacturers to tell us about the wood-plastic wall board content: First of all, wood-plastic wall is a specific proportion of wood and plastic Mixed molded products, it is heavier than the average solid wood, more durable, and save natural resources, but also more natural than the ordinary external walls of the material. Then, it also has a waterproof, moisture, anti-moth the advantages of sound insulation effect is also very

    outstanding. In addition, the wood plastic wall panels of plastic materials, and the corresponding mixing ratio are very particular about the purchase time to pay attention to check the resistance of wood-plastic wall strength. The above is for wood-plastic wall panels of simple knowledge, hope that we can help. Green, wood instead of the original wood is now wood plastic materials used in life there are many places, such as wood flooring, scenic spot for all kinds of wood-plastic profiles. So what is the advantages of wood plastic so that

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