solid wood composite floor

  • Formaldehyde, solid wood composite floor of the Aztus heel All along, the wood industry adhesives are almost "three formaldehyde", urea formaldehyde glue, phenolic plastic and melamine formaldehyde glue. They are to formaldehyde plans to build pvc shower stool as the main raw material, so formaldehyde has become the culmination of indoor decoration pollution. Solid wood flooring floor containing formaldehyde, is already in fact unavoidable problems, has become the Greek mythology of the "A Sikes heel."

    According to wall cladding board installations south africa the floor structure, solid wood flooring can be divided into two kinds, one is three layers of solid wood flooring, the type of floor as a sandwich biscuits, from the panel

    substrate, floor, three layers of wood together; Plywood as low cost home balcony images the substrate of the solid wood composite floor, usually from 6-9 layer of sheet together, also known as "multi-layer solid wood composite floor." These two kinds of solid wood flooring floor reproduction of the composition must be used to glue the glue, and glue is the main source of formaldehyde in the floor. While the soybean gum, although drawn from natural soybeans, but which still contains formaldehyde. The production of solid wood flooring and must use glue. It has become a dead cycle, no matter how business people justify, to wear a variety Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trustof formaldehyde hat, but also only a pretext for business promotion only.