Natural concentrated fruit juice automatic

  • Sugarcane pulp technology 09. Cooling meat production and preservation technology 14 Food manufacturing industry 4601. Canned food cold sterilization technology 15 Beverage manufacturing industry . 4601. Natural concentrated fruit juice automatic production line 16 Tobacco products industry 17 Textile industry 4701.

    New spinning technology 02. Tight (ring agglomeration) spinning technology 03. Yarn bobbin (warp) dyeing Dynamic quality management (DQC) 04. Indigo Denim fabric yarn dyeing technology 05. combing wool short process spinning technology 06. ramie striped dry hemp production technology 07. fully formed seamless underwear technology 08.

    knitted fabric continuous pre-treatment (flat width, cylinder) technology 09 . Biological and renewable fiber fabric biological enzyme treatment technology 10. New fiber fabric dyeing and finishing technology and equipment, the key technology 11. Carbon fiber, aramid 1414, Kevlar 1313, hollow fiber reverse osmosis membrane,

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