protection materials inconvenient

  • The Electrostatic neutralization, in some cases, when the use of ESD protection materials inconvenient, or must be reduced to some high insulation easy to produce static electricity storage workstations or process lines, in order to build deck for above ground pool ensure product quality must be on the operating environment to take electrostatic neutrality Measures.

    cElectrostatic neutralization is achieved by means of an ion electrostatic eliminator or an induction pool deck coverings electrostatic brush. Electrostatic shielding, which is usually used for high-voltage power supply generated by the electrostatic field and some of the electrostatic sensitive circuit to shield, to prevent electrostatic hazards.

    Humidification, it is mainly by increasing the surface conductivity of non-conductive materials, so that the accumulation of static electricity can be more leakage, in order to achieve the control engineered wood flooring market of static electricity, humidity should generally be maintained at 60% -70% or more to achieve Anti-static effect.

    Anti-static floor paint flat seamless, wear-resistant pressure, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, to eliminate and prevent static electricity or electromagnetic waves, to avoid electrostatic sparks and electromagnetic interference and damage, is the ideal anti-static Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trust products can be widely used In the electronics, computer production and packaging area, telecommunications, electronics, computer control center, places where gunpowder is placed.