Longqiao wood plastic jacket

  • design, to ensure that the wood-plastic foam material ideal internal structure, coupled with excellent formula design and reasonable production process to ensure that the product strength?7) fast structure, installation time and effort.Wooden doors are made of German fast-loading structure, the door is extremely easy to install, door sets and door sets with bayonet connection, without gun nails or viscose fixed.8) insulation, sound insulation performance?Wooden plastic door using the material with a uniform, fine cells and its special

    design of the cavity structure, to ensure that its thermal conductivity than the average plastic materials, reducing noise performance. After testing, the product heat transfer coefficient of 1W / m2.k, insulation performance to GB / T16729-1997 Class I; sound insulation performance level 6, with good insulation, sound insulation performance.9) good flame retardant performance.Wooden plastic suite door in case of fire does not help combustion, from the live after the extinguished. After testing, wood plastic suit oxygen oxygen index

    of 48, the fire performance rating of B1, Longqiao wood plastic jacket door of this performance will greatly improve the safety of residential residential fire safety. Limitations of Application of Wood - Plastic Materials in Furniture Industry?1.1 production methods.At present, the production of wood-plastic materials is mainly used for extrusion molding, that is, the wood powder and molten plastic mixed after extrusion die hole to get a variety of profiles and sheet, profile growth rate is much higher than the plate. In order to reduce the

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