Management and procurement of maintenance machinery and equipme

  • The main reason is that: firstly, the improvement of the highway grade makes it difficult for the traditional manual work to meet the requirements of quality and efficiency of conservation; the first is the improvement of the road maintenance mode, Second, the road maintenance work density and strength continue to improve, relying on the previous manual work has been unbearable; Third, conservation and management of security, civilization and environmental protection and other requirements make the traditional manual can not be implemented. China's road maintenance mechanization of the development process can be divided into three stages: The initial stage of machinery only as a manual operation to enter the field of road maintenance, to reduce the labor intensity for the purpose, mostly used in labor-intensive processes, such as transport, crushing, rolling, mechanical low level of technology , Poor performance. The development stage in the large and medium maintenance operations in the introduction of a small number of product stereotypes of construction machinery, while road maintenance mechanization has been increasingly attention. With the development of machinery industry, conservation technology has gradually increased, conservation machinery is a series of standardization, the direction of standardization. steel drum compactors activated carbon regeneration furnace paving blacktop using double steel compactor low viscosity epoxy concrete repair complete in specifications