Development and Market Analysis of Plastic Wood Industry

  • Aldehydes and stupid and so on the human body is harmful, we all know. The market sales of decorative materials, quality of goods targeted inspection checks show that the decoration materials failed to reach more than four percent, 339 batches of products were extracted, there are 143 substandard indicators of the batch, because toluene And other reasons accounted for the majority. See here, I believe that for the family and their own health, many owners wait for six months to stay is understandable.

    How to choose the decoration materials is very important, in order to avoid the new room after the formaldehyde and other harmful substances caused by the harm, you can abandon the traditional decoration methods and materials, in turn the use of more convenient, green composite products, wood-plastic integrated products deep Popular, because all the series of wall ornaments are particularly beautiful, full of fashion, with wood-plastic wall decoration after the new house can improve the quality of homeowners. In addition, the most concern of wood-plastic composite products is that it uses plastic and straw and other environmentally friendly materials made of processing, excluding formaldehyde and other harmful substances. After the decoration is not an unpleasant smell, not like the traditional decorative materials as the human body caused harm. And after the decoration does not need to wait, you can directly stay, so that homeowners to experience the fun of living on the new house at an early date.

    WPC integrated composite products is not only fashion, green environmental protection these two characteristics, it also has a simple operation, easy installation and so on. The use of wood-plastic integrated products, the traditional decoration of the noise will be reduced, and there will be no dust flying scenes, but not because over and over again the renovation process and upset. Because the emergence of wood-plastic integrated products, so that more new home owners experience a more perfect, more happy life, enjoy the green and healthy happy life. The future, wood-plastic integrated products will certainly completely replace the traditional decoration.

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