?Vertical and horizontal cracks

  • Accurate evaluation of road performance is to determine the maintenance needs, is to develop a conservation strategy important prerequisite. Research on the performance evaluation of pavement has been carried out for many years. As early as 1962, the AASHO test road report presented a method of evaluating pavement service capability using the current PSI (Present Service Index) index. China's February 2008 issue of "Highway Technology Assessment Criteria" in the use of road surface damage, flatness, rutting, anti-skid performance and structural strength of the five indicators of the use of road performance evaluation. In contrast to the previous "Highway Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Technical Code" and "Highway Maintenance Quality Inspection Method", this standard lists the road rut as an independent evaluation index and uses the pavement structure strength as a sample evaluation index. Road conditions detection vehicles, laser flatness meter, drop hammer bending instrument, anti-skid performance testing vehicles and road radar and other fast non-destructive testing means can provide a lot of detailed detailed data. Some modern mathematical methods, such as BP neural networks and fuzzy algorithms, are used to analyze test data from a microscopic point of view and evaluate pavement performance. rollers for runners for sale value for money road maintenance machinery best seal coats manufacturers best rubberized asphalt crack filler