Functional floor

  • So warns customer insulated wpc wall panel roofing , Functional floor in the purchase of the product, Be sure to look for the name of manufacturer, product trademarks, antibacterial principle and relevant certification, in order to prevent to buy fake and shoddy products and affect human health.(Sight) from the people's Daily Online 16th edition of the "market news" (November 30th 2004) The contract of sale is "Rue" composite decking producers in europe , and at the time of delivery had tea with the angle of the cornel-wood floors pretend to.

    Yongkang Wood Industry Co., Ltd March 26th, the floor was sold to recover the judgment of the Court of Jiading, returned to the old lady 884. Paragraph 99 floor, and a compensation of 8847.99 yuan.The old lady during the renovation of housing mildew proof wooden fence in uae , After the field look like, On October 28th last year Shanghai to Yongkang order "Rue" real wood floor of wood industry Co., Ltd 58 square meters(m2), the price is 153 yuan per square meter,

    1000 yuan to pay a deposit on the spot.The next day, Yongkang sent to the Office to send someone to the floor of the old lady at the new house, and invoiced to the old lady 2 foot wood fences , set forth on the invoice, the name of the specification DARU-DARU (Rutaceae), amount to $8847.99.But at the end of last year, the old lady found it laying in the floor of the house appeared dark, musty, cracking phenomenon.