paint is oil, resin, paint, thinners

  • are the first choice of consumers, in the face of a variety of certification on the counter, how to identify health and environmental protection products. Experts remind consumers, with the national standardization of packaging, health and environmental protection products have been certified by the China environmental protection mark logo products. Second, the identification of environmental protection paint depends on two factors, the content of free TDI and benzene, the less their content, the higher the security. Free

    TDI is present in wood paint curing agent of harmful substances, can cause leukemia, liver damage to the human body, reduce the body immunity, so the state of the free TDI content made mandatory standards, advanced equipment, environmental protection paint with international standard, the curing agent in free TDI content not only reached the national standard, even to Europe the standard is really healthy and environmentally friendly products. The smell of paint and benzene content is independent of the

    solvent, benzene basically tasteless, but toxic, and as the main component of the resin paint has a special smell, is harmless to the human body, therefore, the benzene content of resin, low content of paint odor, but will affect human health. The resin content of the paint, although the smell is large, but environmental protection, so the smell of paint, does not mean that toxicity, the key is to distinguish what is this smell. The paint sample each wood paint are equipped with the corresponding model, so users buy paint can

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