domestic be in hot water

  • Salary a few months did not deliver domestic be in hot water,The place that the reporter will come to to severe gentleman work -- , the Jiangxi of peaceful and area of prefectural can you buy outdoor folding screens industry garden is harmony wooden industry limited company, the gate that discovers a company already lock, stay only a side door offers person discrepancy.

    The company counts a caboodle inside the workshop to have a large number of goods and stuff, did not see one person do manual work however, whole company main force sees aluminum composite wall panels two people pass in and out only on the road. Severe gentleman says: "Default salary because of the company just about, be versed in people strike comes home, the person does not see work almost in the company nowadays so. " composite 5ft porch bench he tells a reporter, oneself were versed in in Zhejiang Wu all the time in the past.

    Last year, the wife sufferred from strumous big, cannot do hard work. Son university just graduated, jackaroo outerly. The daughter still is going up elementary school. balcony concrete floor slabs To take care of a wife and daughter, he resigns the other place works, return home town, the dynamical workshop that entered this company on March 8 this year is engaged in be in charge of the job. Company commitment gives him 6000 yuan of salary of every months at that time, but oneself work all the time from March on July 24, began to did not get pay again up to now in May.