maintenance and other basic

  • heritage of the advantages of trees, color and moist, excellent softness, can give a kind of affinity and harmony The feeling of the relative tiles of cold and cold in terms of naturally more suitable for the shop at home. Reason two: the floor is more beautiful, luxurious in the decoration effect, the floor than the tile beautiful, luxurious, the world famous building is almost all wood flooring. Reason three: the construction of convenient, with the rest assured that the floor more peace of mind, the floor of the construction process is a unified

    technical standards. You just choose the color varieties, the floor business will generally be a pack in the end, presented all the accessories, door-to-door, responsible for the installation, maintenance and other basic is a one-stop service. Reason four: health and environmental protection that the floor is less environmentally friendly, it is because he still stuck in the strengthening of composite floor formaldehyde release this indisputable fact, but with the consumption level and technological progress, strengthen the composite floor

    has gradually withdrawn from the mainstream market Stage, replaced by solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring safety has been far greater than the tiles, because the tiles have a natural radioactive, the human body has some damage, and this is immutable. Reason Five: in the abandoned replacement or transformation, the floor is easier than the floor when you need to re-decoration or want to change another floor or tile when the floor replacement is very easy, but also for the plastic floor can also be used twice, Greatly reducing the

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