urgent industry norms

  • Polish eyes and urgent industry norms must be the same peer In recent years, sales of solid wood flooring and laminate flooring have been significantly affected in varying degrees. Solid wood composite floor material for Environmental Friendly WPC Wall Panel With Solid Decking the fast-growing forest, solid wood flooring drawn from natural forests, in use will be more hard and durable. And now the consumer awareness of environmental protection is getting higher and higher, so according to the center of the data, solid wood flooring sales decline is not surprising.

    "Solid wood composite for the difficult problem, which is mainly for the following reasons.First, the solid wood flooring 1x4 Tongue and Groove Treated Lumber In the formaldehyde emission is difficult to control; Second, the enterprise blindly profit, in order to reduce the cost of using low-quality plastic, to the health of consumers and regardless of; third, the market yet to be standardized, allow unqualified products into the market. As long as the business, chasing the interests of nothing wrong, but in the pursuit of the interests of the time should Composite Wood Deck Kit not be free to consumers, to a variety of gimmicks to bring high-sounding hat damage to the interests of consumers.

    As a consumer, must also polish their own eyes, rational treatment of business shouting and speculation tricks.As the government and related intelligence agencies, on the one hand to strengthen the guidance and supervision of the development of the industry, strict raw materials collection, production, circulation Link, not to an unqualified floor into the market, another aspect, to speed up the improvement of the legal system, for violations of Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trust laws and regulations of enterprises, increase penalties, increase illegal costs.