importance of the number of revolutions

  • the phenomenon of wear and white, basically all occur in the floor of the patchwork. This is because the floor after the installation of a high degree of difference, the higher part of the friction by the most likely to cause damage to white. For the wear-resistant layer of aluminum oxide content of 46g / m2 of the floor,

    basically can meet people's normal use requirements. Ruijia floor, general manager of Yuan Yide remind consumers to use in the family, as long as the choice of regular manufacturers of the floor, you do not have to consider too much wear speed, otherwise it will fall into the digital trap design. Consumers as long as carefully compare the overall performance of the floor,

    choose the right price on the line. Some businesses deliberately one-sided publicity floor wear the importance of the number of revolutions, just to cover up the lack of integrated product quality.On the first day of the New Year, the 750 square meter luxury diamond hall of the Yangtze River Hotel became a booming ocean.

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