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  • China's wood flooring market in 2005 supply from 130 million square meters in 2004 rose to 230 million square meters,durable outdoor wpc decking and Shun in 2005 solid wood flooring sales revenue also reached 700 million yuan. In view of the global shortage of timber supply, in 2004 Anxin purchased a large area of ??virgin forest in Brazil to protect the supply of long-term timber resources and thus became the first Chinese company to purchase forest resources abroad.[url=]composite decking as plate for basement[/url] At present, Anxin annual purchases of wood in Brazil accounted for more than 50% of China's total timber exports to the floor.

    Lu Weiguang said the next three years in addition to solid wood flooring areas continue to expand the industry's leading edge, the focus will increase investment in solid wood flooring, the company has invested 80 million yuan,[url=]bathroom waterproof wall panels[/url] built two world-class solid wood composite flooring production line, Next year will also invest 200 million yuan in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park to build three new production lines,advantages of wood wall paneling while expanding the production capacity of solid wood flooring. On March 28th, the 8th International Ground Material Exhibition in Shanghai,

    the prestige of the new Wei-licensing floor to lift the upsurge of investment,[url=]best wood for flooring[/url] hundreds of industry around the elite to attract, expressed willing to join the Weiguang floor, there Even on the spot to come up with millions of dollars on the deposit. It is understood that the high price of the floor of the high-profile investment is very staggering, the specific performance of the customer requirements of high credit level, the strength of funds,water resistant decking fence panel the market operation ability, industry experience, to ensure that in the local market will Wei Guang floor made the first Brand. Just over a month, in addition to Tibet,