the connection force of the floor

  • just like a few small lock anti-theft, than with a big lock more secure? The earliest manufacturers to produce lock plate is to facilitate the installation and increase the connection force of the floor, and the development of the final increase to increase the number of lock series, to deceive consumers and the production of multiple lock floor.

    3. Mechanics point of view lock buckle floor is to prevent the floor joints cracked and launched. A single scientific and reasonable lock, enough to prevent the cracks in the floor joints. In a limited width of the floor to create a number of locks, is bound to make every chamfer in the angle and area can not achieve the desired indicators,

    it is like connecting the two objects between the rope replaced by a few fine Line, the result may be counterproductive. Question 2: Is there a lock on whether the glue is still 1. Floor pavement glue is environmentally friendly? First of all need to explain the floor glue and floor production using the adhesive is completely different concept.

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