requirements, draw the line shape

  • foaming leather, and resin filler filled cracks, re paint, or without filler in scraping the paint, directly coated with microporous paint. 3, crack most of this kind of circumstance to use chemical paint remover or hot air spray paint * will be removed, and then re paint. If the rupture range is not big, can use sand grinding block or dry wet amphibious sand paper to touch water, paint abrasion ruptures, after surface polished with putty, brush primer, and re paint. 4, paint flowing paint brush too thick, that will cause flow.

    While not yet dry paint with a brush, brush, if the paint is dry, to be dry, with fine sandpaper polished smooth surface paint, brush clean, wipe with wet cloth, and then re outer lacquer, do not brush too thick. 5, a lot of reasons paint surface stain. For example: paint the moisture in the melt wall material out of rust paint, brushing the wall with steel wool will produce rust, wall pipe leakage spots etc.. In order to prevent the stain, the first brush a layer of primer containing aluminum, if the appearance of dirt, can remove

    the stain at the latex paint, brush primer layer containing aluminum powder after re painting. 6, the mildew discoloration problems occurred in damp paint surface, such as water vapor condensation in the stain glass or metal surface often produced dark brown. Available at this time according to the instructions fungicide, processing moldy parts, mold to be killed, will clean the surface, and then re paint. 7, lose luster because it is not on the primer, or inner primer and paint directly on the gloss paint, the paint is light

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