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  • surface dust: use compressed air to blow all visible dust. 3 oil pollution: scrub with organic solvent, remove all visible oil. 4, two primer: each weld, angle, edge, and other hidden areas must be before the large area painting by brush, inspection and adjustment of construction equipment, time, drying conditions and recoat interval test, paint spraying defect inspection paint wet film thickness, adjusting the nozzle and spraying speed of the spraying evenly. The total film thickness is 30. Before the construction material

    surface requirements 1) and two times after the blast, all clear yellow bead surface and oxide skin. 2, after the two sand blasting, in the paint spraying, should be sprayed on the surface of the defects, especially the weld defect inspection and repair. 3, carefully check the paint surface dust, oil, dust and dirt on the surface should be clean up. Pretreatment of qualified FCL as soon as possible into the construction station began construction paint, the time should not exceed 8 hours. 5, the middle paint each weld, angle,

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