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  • increase. Now 10 domestic wood-plastic production enterprises, there are seven foreign manufacturers, and all products for export.?Technical Advantages and Performance Characteristics of Wooden Plastic Door?1) high quality raw materials, formula scienceThe main raw material of wood-plastic door is PVC resin and high-quality wood powder, PVC resin adopts medical grade domestic brand-name products, wood powder by professional wood company to provide high quality wood powder, after grading screening,

    grinding, drying, Finished product on the quality requirements of raw materials. Wood-plastic door system with a certain proportion of auxiliary materials, into the stabilizer, foaming agent, modifier, etc., a variety of ingredients in accordance with the strict ratio of mixing, effectively guarantee the quality of foam sheet products.?2) advanced production equipment.Production equipment is from the mixing system to the extrusion system all imported from abroad, ranking the leading international level, a high degree of automation, which mixing

    equipment with a precise amount of ingredients, mixed evenly, high efficiency, fundamentally to ensure the stability of the product The As the production of wood-plastic foam door production equipment on the higher requirements of foam, and the use of high-torque twin-screw extruder, and screw, screw and other components to be modified to meet the lignin inside and outside the surface crust and Uniform foam, to avoid charcoal charcoal and other phenomena occur.3) Thermal transfer technology leaderWood plastic series of products

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