Highly efficient ceramic sizing agent series

  • Product role: to reduce the viscosity of the mud to improve the fluidity of the mud to reduce the mud moisture content, thereby reducing the ball mill and spray drying tower energy consumption, increase production, and has 3 ft. high wooden fencing a certain grinding effect; and powder particles More reasonable, improve the comprehensive performance of powder, improve the flow of powder, increase the green strength, reduce mucosal and sandwich phenomenon.

    Usage: thinner and mud, water together cover concrete stairs with the ball mill for milling, the amount of added according to the ratio of different materials to join. Product use: building sanitary ceramics industry, including wall tiles, tiles and ceramic sanitary ware.

    Product Description: High performance companies that use composite materials and what they make coal water slurry additive product performance and features: can effectively improve the hydrophilic water, so that the formation of water on the surface of coal powder, reducing the viscosity of high concentrations of coal slurry, and improve the mobility of coal slurry, Can also reduce the moisture of coal-water slurry, improve the concentration of coal-water slurry, increase the stability of coal-water slurry, so that delivery more convenient. Combustion better when the atomization, coal-water slurry combustion more thoroughly, more efficient combustion, less residue. Products Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trustwith a wide range of coal adaptability and process adaptability, easy to use, to meet a variety of coal requirements.