the radiator heat

  • With the increase in the number of years of use and the surface of the radiator heat and temperature changes alternately, the organism will appear aging, the coating appears peeling, resulting in the substrate wood frame balcony tile details and water in direct contact, the coating will lose the anti-corrosion protection function, radiator life Will therefore be substantially reduced. This coating requires the surface of the radiator in the complete degreasing and then phosphating.

    otherwise there will be "non-stick pan" phenomenon (not stick), in order to reduce the coating within the pores, require two coating, The thickness of tongue and groove manufactured decking the coating is increased to more than 50 microns.

    But most manufacturers in order to save costs, save some of the processing, surface treatment does not meet the requirements, coating thickness of not more than 30 microns. So many of the current market to do the inside of the radiator, soaked in hot water for about 5 days there will be a large area of ??foam, the coating began to peel off, can imagine how its fence made out of decking anti-corrosion performance! The second category is inorganic coatings.