making metal-related kitchen and toilet

  • After this time the price of raw materials shuffle, a lot of ceramic enterprises were eliminated, survived the manufacturers to raise the retail price of about 8%. However, the tiles of the dark price increases have been inhibited on the market demand. Is expected in 2007 will start a new round of price competition.

    (5) hardware industry in the second half of 2005 futures market, copper prices, aluminum prices continue to rise from the beginning of 2006, copper as the main material of the taps a total price of 3 times, or an average of 20% -30% Compared to the same period, the price increase rate of up to 50% -60%. In addition to hardware in the obvious price increases,

    aluminum, copper, steel, crude oil and other raw materials rose, making metal-related kitchen and toilet, lamps, wooden doors, cabinets, etc. are also building prices. Second, consumer analysis and forecast In the government control of housing prices, adjust the housing structure, strengthen the land control, credit control under the influence of the 2007 real estate development investment growth will be affected.

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