course of study

  • According to Huafumu the Chen Zong of course of study reacts, the course cuts for years, burmese forest is enclothed rate is apparent drop, the lumber composite rail ties deck resource that can cut is less and less also, when before a few years of natural resources are relatively substantial,

    car of the drive in past hill a few come kilometer, have a large number of quality exceedingly good lumber can be offerred cut, and need to go to now in open 339 kilometers ability to reach forest zone, and the quality of lumber is general poorer, good after all be chopped already composite porch flooring calculator basically smooth. More serious is, a forest land can find ten teak tree very easily before, a forest land can find a few now already special pretty good.

    Besides resource dried up besides, cut the risk is exorbitant also be one of main reasons that the city after bringing about teak is not valued. The Zou manager of industry of letter day timber expresses, come nearly two years Burmese and ceaseless publish relevant policy to control gazebo roofing panels lumber export strictly, not hesitate even the person that employ martial force to capture steel strike , especially this plants teak rare wood, more Burmese key protects a boy or girl friend, this makes of teak cut the risk is higher and higher, cost is higher and higher also.