wood floor will appear

  • High quality wood and man-made board compound wooden decks ideas for in sloping yards ; (4) the surface processing of real wood floor will appear a variety of forms, such as using high wear resistant surface paint or use transparent material with wrapping; (5) best is a outdoor decking joist with the further development of world environmental protection trend,

    environmentally friendly wood floor will be more people of all ages. On March 11, according to the complaint hotspots of aggrandizement wood floor consumer market and consumer concerns pallets into an outdoor decks , China consumer association and Chinese forest product industrial association jointly issued a consumer warning,

    remind consumers pay attention to the current problems existing in the consumer market of aggrandizement wood floor and consumer easy to overlook plastic wood grain fencing pickets . Warning a product more than the normal price should be in 70 yuan / ´┐ŻO u consumption question: Mr Luo reflect consumers, local wood of the aggrandizement on the market a lot of brand,