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  • size, geometry, smooth seam the correct size and flatness of the doors and windows etc.). Door and window frame before the wood moisture content should not exceed 12%, manufacturers should strictly control. 2, preservative: sodium fluoride, the purity of not less than 95%, the moisture content is less than 1%, fineness requirements should be all through the cold base oil brushing wood and contact the wall parts of the 1600 hole /cm2 sieve or diluted anti-corrosion treatment. 3, nails, wood screws, bolt, hinge,

    handle, door locks, peevy etc. according to the chart below the windows hardware and accessories for models and types. 4, for different light wall brick is pre embedded and embedded parts, shall comply with the design requirements. Two, installation of main equipment should normally have rough planing, planing, planing, fine cutting and single planing, hammers, saws, screwdrivers, line , flat shovel, feeler, line sinkers, red bag, ink, wood drill...... Small saws, plates, brooms and other burdens. Three, operating

    conditions 1, doors and windows frame and fan installation should be checked before the channeling angle, twist, bend, split, if the above situation should be repaired. 2, the window frame, and on the side by brush coating, the surface and the fan should be brushing a live oil. Brush oil after classification of stacked flat, bottom pad, pad should be high. Each layer of the frame and frame, fan and fan pad between the planks of ventilation, such as open dumps, with Shanbu cover, not the sun and rain. 3, the installation

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