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  • will introduce the history of Nanxun hundred years of large-scale documentary "hundred years Kang Hui" and a hundred years Kang Hui Wood Art Museum officially launched,[url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/suppliers/4890.html]buy economical ideas fencing in ghana[/url] began to dig into the Nanxun wood art culture, for Nanxun's cultural career add a sum. Acquisition, around a big circle, the Daya Technology [0.000.00%] (000910,vintage industrial recycled into arts villa rica closing price of 8.37 yuan) recently a paper announcement announced the acquisition of 40% stake in the elephant group finally settled, April 30 Daya Technology announced the price of $ 405 million to win the stake in the market for the acquisition of the company is also optimistic about yesterday's Daya Technology to limit the daily limit,

    hit a new round of the current rebound of 8.37 yuan acquisition premium rate of 98% The company has decided to acquire from the Jiangsu International Trust Company for its price of RMB 405 million,composite decking with wood railing in view of the current decline in the acquisition cost and the further improvement of the operating advantages of the Group after the completion of the acquisition. And 40% of the shares of the Group.[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/cheap-wpc-flooring-for-outdoor.html ]Cheap WPC Flooring for Outdoor[/url] After the completion of the acquisition, the shares held by the Asia-Pacific Group will increase from 60% to 100% on April 29. The Company and Jiangsu International Trust Company signed the Equity Transfer Agreement Previously, the Group was a subsidiary of Daya Technology, which, pursuant to the Asset Acquisition Report,

    was acquired on 31 December 2008 as the base date for the assessment, using the cost method to determine the entire interest of the Group's base date The value of about 684 million yuan,[url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/suppliers/5092.html]composite decking best value[/url] compared with the audit of the parent company after the net book value of nearly 135 million yuan, the value-added rate of 24.59%, while the use of income law as the basis for assessment, the total value of shareholders of the elephant group rose to 1.088 billion yuan , The value-added rate increased significantly to 98% .In the acquisition report that the cost method can only reflect the value of corporate assets,can interlocking deck tiles be placed over sand after a comparative analysis that the benefits of the assessment of the results can be more comprehensive and reasonable reflection of all the interests of the Group The According to information,