insulation coating

  • High temperature insulation coating can effectively inhibit a variety of conduction heat and radiant heat, thermal insulation suppression efficiency of up to 90% or more, can inhibit the high temperature objects and pool deck flooring options low temperature objects, heat radiation and heat conduction loss, this high temperature insulation Insulation coating at 1100 �� surface of the object coated with 8mm thick, the surface of the object temperature can be reduced from or less.

    This high-performance garden fences in dubai thin layer of high temperature insulation coating, has been widely used in aerospace.

    military, metallurgy, power, petrochemical, transportation and other important areas, its excellent performance in the insulation material can not be replaced, for the technical improvement of the brushing material To the decisive role, energy efficiency, stability, science and technology unprecedented, for the development best scratch resistant composite decking of society as a whole, is a truly epoch-making industrial insulation materials to help enterprises to take a new step in industrial energy-saving economy.