Industrial Thermal

  • Insulation Coating Technology Today's society is a science and technology society, new technology continues to break, new materials continue to emerge. Global industrial insulation materials are moving towards high efficiency insulation, energy-saving thin, external protection integration direction. It is supported by the modern high-tech and its industry, such as material technology,

    chemical technology, information technology, bio-engineering technology, energy technology, nanotechnology, environmental technology, space technology, computer technology, marine engineering technology, engineering and technology, logistics and so on. How many years of research and development

    successfully developed a high temperature insulation coating. This type of industrial high temperature insulation coating with nano-hollow ceramic beads with highly efficient insulation materials from finishing, the coating has a low thermal conductivity, high efficiency insulation, high temperature, fire retardant, insulation pressure, sound insulation New epoch-making insulation materials. After several years of re-testing and then test, the second generation of high temperature insulation coating, using a new electromagnetic shielding insulation and thermal insulation to prevent advanced technology, the choice of more fine chemical materials Need.