starting from the integrity of products

  • Zhu Lingying said, as a business, we are eager to create a reasonable profit, Should be regarded as those products harmful to consumers for the scourge, and extreme despise this behavior, it is they led to invisible killer invasion of our family. Zhu Lingying that the product is healthy, the industry consumption environment is healthy,

    the relationship between business and consumers will be harmonious. Industry health calls for corporate integrity, the community from all walks of life from the modern civilization of human care, starting from the integrity of products, integrity services, selling "core" floor, good people, share the health, so that the elephant floor of the consumer feel To a kind of happiness.

    Zhu Lingying said that the floor is a life, for the "intentions to do home," the concept of the service as the floor of the floor. In recent years, the elephant Sichuan company at all costs, every year to invite domestic floor experts to train staff, and the installation team semi-militarized management, so that they become the flooring industry "expert",

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