Cycle of 3 hot pressing

  • Because the chemical responses of MDI adhesive is characteristic, can accelerate the solidify rate of adhesive likewise, reduce hot pressing time, improve manufacturing how to build a garden seat from decking boards efficiency thereby. In light of the applied experience that produces manufacturer from North America OSB, the solidify speed of MDI at least relatively Niao aldehyde glue is fast 30% , and relatively at phenolic aldehyde glue, the advantage is more clear.

    Besides, MDI still can offer the special wpc discount railing Merseyside product of fast solidify according to client demand, assist a client to achieve taller manufacturing efficiency to reach thereby more the product quality of actor. Stick received characteristic by afore-mentioned MDI adhesive chemistry, can roll out very easily, the plank function that its control will exceed traditional wpc outdoor decking board online physics to stick the adhesive that accepts a principle greatly.

    Microcosmic go up from the change of Fan Dehua force to chemical bond force, huge increased board inside adhesion and waterproof and moistureproof function. cedar composite decking Research makes clear, MDI is directional function of the static music intensity of structural board, creep far glue of excel Niao aldehyde, this as initiative as its Jing Qujiang is spent and stronger fighting wet function is to be not divided.