Coated anti - corrosion coating technology

  • As current heating system due to the design and equipment quality and management, and many other aspects are not perfect and standardized, a considerable part of the heating system there is a serious problem of corrosion, which requires balcony flooring roof terraces & patio surfaces the system of steel radiator with the appropriate anti-corrosion measures to solve the radiator Its own corrosion leakage problem.

    At present, China's market is more common an anti-corrosion process: coated with anti-corrosion. At present, the domestic framing wooden platform for deck boards Egypt used for radiator anti-corrosion commonly used coating within three categories: the first type of paint for the organic coating. Currently on the market most of the domestic brands of radiators use these two organic coatings.

    This coating wood composite fence kits is mainly through the isolation, not to direct contact with the substrate to achieve corrosion. However, the coating and the body is similar to the glue bonded together (physical bonding), and thin coating within the micropores, the water Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust can penetrate through the pores to the bonding surface, when the temperature rises, the water began to expand, the surface began Blister, and then fall off.