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  • decoration network.Bedroom bedside a bedside cabinet, has become accustomed to. A bedside bedside can receive small items, put the clothes before going to bed. The main living room bedside bedside cabinets, bedside cabinets, table stool packages bedside cabinets, cabinet and other four kinds of rattan table. So what is the standard size of the table? A brief introduction is a small role, bedside bedside bedroom furniture in it, right and left, the most willing to set off the bed, even the name of it is due to the

    function of the bed and. Since the table because it function exists, the inclusion of some daily necessities, placed bedside lamp. On the bedside table storage items, mostly in order to meet the need and use of items such as medicines, placed on the bedside table are some photos, add warm atmosphere to the bedroom of the small painting and flower arranging, and table besides the function outside of things has been ignored. Two, table 1, table classification table double table table frosted glass with metal design, on the

    bed next to the small and modern. The lower table can promote the space under a bed, while the upper right and the parallel, very convenient and practical. 2, the reason for which this table stool title, is because it increases the stool function for the bedside table. Can separate two layers, the upper box wooden nightstand, the lower is the leather side, remove the storage box, it becomes a stool in front of the bed. 3, it is actually a set of packages table with the platinum table, but on the bed there is a different taste,

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