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  • This means that the iron extension mechanical dry mortar equipment will be able to carry the new mixing console for customers to create higher profits. The new wear-resistant ceramic dry-mix mortar mixer is the core of vinyl porch posts the dry-mixed mortar mixer, which is the core of the dry-mixed mortar mixer, which is the unique dry mix mortar, cement concrete and asphalt mixture mixer technology. Technically breaking the traditional thinking, the introduction of concrete pump and other industries mature use of wear-resistant ceramic technology and the introduction of new dry mortar mixer.

    Dry mixing mortar mixing host is composite panel is waterproof the core of the entire production process, the process of mixing the cylinder to be stirred by the mixer blade driven quartz sand, cement and other materials generated by high-speed friction, mixer cylinder and mixing blades easily wear. The traditional imported wear-resistant steel plate and the laying of wear-resistant layer is not only costly and wear a limited degree.

    The new wear-resistant ceramic mixer in the cylinder, mixing blades, high-speed flying home depot fence panels prices per foot knife and other three vulnerable parts are used ceramic wear-resistant layer, wear-resistant ceramic as a whole casting molding, or in the metal matrix cylinder and mixing blade surface laying The Wear-resistant ceramic hardness is high, its wear resistance is a number of wear-resistant steel or stainless steel several times, thereby effectively reducing wear and improve Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust the life of the mixer to ensure that the entire dry-mixed mortar production equipment, the normal continuous and stable operation.