aim depends on get through

  • Of this activity hold, aim depends on get through the lifeblood between company of each timber estate, the enterprise outside allowing home, fluctuation swims the way that a significant integrated progress can discuss between the enterprise, advance green to live in the promotion of teak product for boat flooring recycled industrial chain value and effect jointly, make platform jointly become true green of high grade product supply catenary platform.

    And serve as an activity take the lead square, industry of 1000 dark timber expresses, henceforth, the route that should take green to develop in the enterprise while, more set oneself an example to others, develop brand company dominant position, active and integrated effective resource,how to build a wood pavilion drive whole industry to develop quickly! Peng Youdong of deputy director general of national forestry bureau expresses 24 days, total production value of countrywide forestry property amounted to many yuan 50 thousand 2015, the crop of main forest products such as floor of economic forest products, man-made board, wood resides the world the first.

    Peng Youdong is the Asia of international forest couplet that holds in 24 days make on Oceanian area congress afore-mentioned denotive. He still expresses, composite deck per sq ft in recent years, below the guidance that can develop a concept continuously, our country is begun continuously retreat return n cultivated land forest, strengthen wet resource protection and land sand to change processing ceaselessly, forestry reforms development to gain remarkable success.