Space Ceramic Thermal Insulation Coatings

  • In the high temperature of 1100 �� surface of the object only brushing 8mm thick ceramic insulation coating, the surface temperature of the object can be reduced from high temperature to 100 �� or less; in the industrial furnace, furnace, blast furnace exterior only 6mm thick insulation Paint can reduce the heat loss of more than 30%, thermal insulation suppression rate of 90%; in the red surface of Fence Panel for Sale In Australia the outer surface of the hot water coated with thermal insulation coating, ladle outer surface temperature dropped more than 66%; cold rolling machinery On the hot air pipe, insulation and insulation rates are 90%.

    Thermal insulation coating, paint technology content is high, temperature 1800 ��, the thermal conductivity of the coating only, high temperature insulation coating is a water-based Composite Decking Walkway environmental protection, inorganic fire retardant energy-saving coating, can effectively inhibit a variety of conduction heat and radiant heat , Thermal insulation suppression efficiency of up to 90%, can inhibit the high temperature objects and low temperature objects, heat radiation and heat conduction loss, the object heat can be maintained at 70% does not lose, low temperature objects can effectively cool and can inhibit environmental radiation And caused by the loss of cold, to prevent the occurrence of condensate.

    Insulation Most Popular Cladding Material Used In Australia insulation coating also both wear-resistant, Naisuan Jian, light weight, pressure and shock resistance, construction and other characteristics. Paint is a high-performance thermal barrier composite ceramic insulation materials, military high-tech adiabatic coating to civilian a multi-functional thermal insulation coating, the use of the latest international technology integration of thermal insulation coating complete sets of Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trustproduction equipment, Improve the inherent quality of thermal insulation coating and technical indicators of stability.