density of composite decking

  • Longsen Wood Deputy General Manager Liu Ben flow out of the original:[url=]make fence from decking[/url] "We out of a quality - brand - , The quality of products so that we have a brand, and the brand has won the market for us. "Longsen Wood from the start in 2001 to create a card,difference between iron wood and wpc after a short period of 5 years, has been" Longsen floor "of the brand into the Chinese wood flooring industry market influence of solid wood flooring top ten brands. Of the business only two reporters in the interview to feel, Longshen floor of the licensing of the road is three-dimensional, all-round. As early as a few years ago,

    the company from the French power company to introduce the world's most advanced flooring Processing equipment,wood plastic composite wpc decking tiles for balconies and after the hardware off; successively selected a group of professionals from the national colleges and universities, and the company's internal staff sent to the relevant tertiary institutions training, after the software; to hire the authority of the floor, Professor North Lin as a technical adviser In 2002, the Longsen floor was rated as provincial quality products in 2003, by Shanghai as[url= ]low maintenance WPC pergola[/url] "Shanghai boutique floor 20", the company has a long history of production, ;

    In 2004, by the China Timber Circulation Association as 30 "quality, service," one of the dual commitment business; in September this year, was rated as China's wood flooring industry market impact of solid wood flooring top ten brands. The floor has been identified as Jiaxing City brand-name products, well-known trademarks. "The benefits of the brand is obvious, in 2003,[url=]composite wooden beams prices[/url] we branded their own brand into the world market. Now, every month there are three or four foreign procurement delegation to the company inspection, procurement. In recent years, product sales have risen about 50% or so. On January 18, Kang Hui Wood in the company headquarters - Zhejiang Nanxun, released the industry's first electric heating floor business standards,curved park bench recycled officially declared its "Kang Hui Korean warm" system of the overall landing.