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  • committed to the noble and elegant atmosphere to make their bedding more perfect, let the customer choose fuanna is to choose a comfortable sleep. Fuanna bedding prices is a four piece set in the main Anna textile productsNow the family condition is getting more and more, the implementation of family planning and education level, each family has only one child. With fewer children, parents have enough energy to spend on their children. The child's learning is a part of his future talent, then the purchase of furniture

    for children's studies need to pay attention to what matters. First of all, the child's health is the most important choice in the study of children's furniture, we must first choose environmentally friendly, healthy children's study furniture products. To smell the pungent smell of furniture is at the time of purchase, if any, is never able to buy, the child's body is in the development period, and the pungent smell is not to let the children settle down study; to check whether children study furniture quality inspection certificate. In the

    purchase of children's study furniture, the design is very important, many parents tend to focus only on the impact of light on the vision, but I do not know the desk is also a very important factor. For example, with a certain tilt angle of the desktop or assembly of the book can be written on the board, let the children read and write at the sight of science, to avoid the eye fatigue for a long time. Should pay attention to when buying: the desk is not the bigger the better, the reasonable range should be, the child sitting in front

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