No bulb can be deformed without strobe

  • light independent research and development of the first "new generation of exchange LED light engine technology", has been successfully developed. The device is not the traditional sense of the "light bulb", can arbitrarily change the "body", direct light in the lamp, compared with the DC LED lower cost, longer life, and completely solve the "strobe" problem. LED lighting can you stain the composite decking energy saving and environmental protection, high reliability, but the current mainstream in the world of DC LED lighting equipment, must be equipped with life far below the LED lights AC to DC drive, not only increase the cost also limits its life.

    And as the current trend of the industry's new exchange of LED lighting equipment, but has been unable to solve the human eye damage large strobe problem, it is difficult to market. New AC LED lighting equipment developed without a light bulb can be deformed without flicker through the invention of a interlocking wpc wood deck tiles light-emitting life adjustable, and AC power supply frequency matching new rare earth LED light-emitting materials, rare earth long afterglow technology and semiconductor lighting technology, from the source thoroughly Solved the strobe problem.

    The technology and the traditional LED lighting is the biggest difference is that the lamp does not have the traditional sense of the bulb, but a plastic type of luminescent material in the lamp as wood plastic deck tile in houston a whole direct light, lower cost, higher reliability, better adaptability. The use of new technology to exchange LED lighting equipment, energy saving than ordinary DC equipment 15%, 50% energy saving than the general energy-saving lamps. At the same time as it abandoned the traditional sense of the bulb luminous body, the relevant lighting and lighting equipment manufacturers can according to the actual function Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trust and aesthetic needs, independent design of a wide range of lamps and lighting equipment to serve different needs.