do the floor

  • The personage inside course of study thinks wood composite as building material , this year there will be more Chinese wood floor enterprise in this cold wave in the closing prices, is expected to last only 20% of the existing scale enterprises to survive. Lu Weiguang think about it elastic modulus plastic modulus , before China's wood industry is as long as there is production has been bought,

    also need not high technical content, anyone can do the floor. Industry after 10 years of development, has gradually shifted from a overheating situation to calm, if not the price freezes outdoor flooring ideas for budget , Chinese enterprises' market reshuffle is inevitable, the arrival of the tsunami in Indonesia is just accelerated the shuffle.

    "20% of the enterprise occupies 90% of China's market, it is reasonable. But for the enterprise, in the fierce competition to become a member of the 20% buy fences materials importers in Dominica , requires enterprises to change the way on the bottom, gaming, make credit, resources, this is the way out of the Chinese enterprises."