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  • As a constant in the industry to break the industry, images pvc wall cladding south africaKang Hui Wood created "unique", not just this: March 2013, Kang Hui Wood released the industry's first to show the Zhejiang Nanxun the Chinese wood flooring The birth of the development and development of television documentary - "a hundred years Kang Hui" to show the world Nanxun this "no forest of wood area" nearly a hundred years of development process .2004 in April,[url=]price for wood plastic composite for table surface[/url] Kang Hui Wood the first generation of Wood Art Museum completed ;

    To December 2013, covers an area of ??2000 square meters of the first enterprise large wooden art museum was officially completed, which to the world slowly described the origin of a wood family heritage, showing a wooden town of the century story. However, in the cultural unique, is only the first step, in early 2012,hot 2015 new style and colorful wpc decking Kang Hui Wood Chairman Shen Jiankang, set a new business development ideas: Wood Arts Kang Hui, must be toward the cultural Kang Hui, science and technology Kang Hui transformation, upgrade to With the core competitiveness of science and technology wood products business.With such a goal,[url=]composite decking for above ground round pools[/url] Kang Hui Wood in 2013 to complete the first step of cultural Kang Hui,

    but really want to achieve the transformation and upgrading of science and technology Kang Hui, long way to go. Responsible for people from the country to encourage the electric heating policy,[url=]composite deck brands reviews[/url] Kang Hui Wood found the transformation of science and technology Kang Hui opportunity, in December 2013, with carbon as the main element, set high thermal conductivity, high energy saving, high intelligence and environmental protection Heating system - "Kang Hui Han to warm" officially available. "Must make the floor itself with scientific and technological content and competitiveness. "Chairman Shen Jiankang's words, hollow to floorso Kang Hui R & D team began a new exploration, and finally, at the end of 2014, this goal is achieved, Kang Hui not only a new set of warm floor, floor,